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Resume Writing Tips

Has it been a few years since you've sought a new opportunity? Do you need to dust off your resume and give it an update? Have you never written a resume and are uncertain as to how to start? I have reviewed hundreds of resumes and I see many common errors.  Here are some of my recommendations for writing a resume that will help you highlight your best assets. Remember, you are selling yourself with your resume, make sure you are being presented in the best format possible with these helpful hints. 

Keep it short. Two pages max, shorter is ok if you are just out of school or have less work experience

• Center your name in a larger bolded font. Usually better to leave off nicknames unless everyone in your industry knows you by that name.

• Get a professional sounding email address from Gmail  or Yahoo. Nothing silly or sports related. Best if it is just

• Provide a street address. I always look at the commute distances to make sure that the drive time is reasonable.

• Be sure to provide a cell phone number. Change your greeting to something professional and brief.

• Two sentence introductory statement describing the job that your are hoping to land. You can always print up multiple versions of this to suit the company that you are applying to.

• Work experience before education always.

• Only list work experience for the past 3 jobs and/or 10 or 12 years. Your resume is a marketing piece, not an employment application. No need to list every position that you have had since graduation.

• I prefer Company name, then position held, space, employment dates, City and State can be on the 2nd line.

• A well written paragraph or bullet points (no more than 4 or 5) beneath each position held.

• Consolidate all positions held at the same organization under the same header. Multiple positions even at the same institution give the appearance of job hopping.

• Education is next with graduate degree, then undergraduate, then associates. Leave off high school unless that is the highest degree earned. Keep the format the same as work experience with school name, degree earned, graduation date. I generally leave off any schooling that was started but wasn't completed. I also leave off references to pre-med or pre-law if the position being applied for is in a different field. 

• If you didn't attend college, put any professional training that you have received while working.

• I always like to see membership in networking organizations or trade groups.

• Minimal personal information after education. Leave off religion, politics or anything else that could be controversial . An interesting hobby or sport may be a good conversation starter.